SureCall Flare 3.0 5 Band Desktop Signal Booster Kit for Home/Cabin/RV

Sale price$499.99 CAD


The SureCall Flare is an all-carrier voice and 4G LTE signal booster that provides a simplified setup by combining the booster and indoor antenna into an attractively designed tabletop unit. The signal is delivered to the Flare booster using the provided directional outdoor antenna and a single connecting low-loss cable. SureCall’s award-winning patented all-carrier booster then delivers enhanced signal average to all mobile devices within range, up to 3000 sq. ft., for clearer and more reliable voice and data performance. 
Features and Benefits
• Simplified setup that features a combined booster and indoor antenna 
• Boosts voice and 4G LTE signal for all mobile devices 
• Provides improved coverage up to 3500 sq. ft. 
• Supports multiple users simultaneously 
• Backed by industry-leading 3-year manufacturer’s warranty 
Booster Kit Includes Flare 3.0 CA booster with built-in indoor antenna, power supply, 50 ft. RG-11 coax cable, Yagi antenna and Quick Setup Guide.

User Guide


Uplink Frequency Range (MHz): 698-716 / 776-787 / 824-849 / 1850-1915 / 1710-1755
Downlink Frequency Range (MHz): 728-746 / 746-757 / 869-894 / 1930-1995 / 2110-2155
Donor/Server Port Impedance: 75 Ohm / 50 Ohm
Maximum Gain: 72 dB
Noise Figure: 7 dB
VSWR: ≤2.0
Supported Standards: LTE 4G, HSPA+ 3G, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM and all cellular standards
AC Input: Input: AC 110 – 240 V, 60 Hz ; Output: DC 5V / 3A
Maximum Output Power: 1 Watt EIRP
Cable: RG-6 (50 feet)
RF Connector: F-Female
Power Consumption: <12W
Weight: 1.81 lb
Dimensions: 5.125" × 7.25" × 5.625"