5 dBi NMO Trucker Elevated Feed Antenna 28.25" Mast

Sale price$149.99 CAD


SurePower NMO Trucker Elevated Feed High Gain 5 dBi Antenna (698-2155 MHz) with Ground Plain, 28.25" Mast and Enclosed Coils

 The SurePower rugged high-gain wide band cellular antennas deliver powerful performance.

• Tested in "The Great White North" winter environment. Hit by loose gravel; covered in mud and bugs; went through brushes and high pressure washes.

• Designed for professional drivers who demand top performance for their communication devices.

• These antennas offer the highest allowable gain, wide-band versatility (698 MHz - 2155 MHZ) frequencies.

• NMO mount is versatile for any installation on mobile, marine and building use.

• Built-in ground plane allows for use on any surfaces.

• 15.5 inches fiberglass elevated feed mast raises antenna above obstructions and trailers.