General Cell Booster FAQ

Cell phone boosters come in two categories: for buildings such as homes, cabins, cottages and offices and for vehicles such as cars, RVs, and boats.

1. Outside Antenna: Pulls in the existing signal from the cell tower and sends to the amplifier.

2. Amplifier: Boosts that signal multiple times and sends to the inside antenna.

3. Inside Antenna: Broadcasts the boosted signal to the area in need.

1. Outside Antenna

2. Coaxial Cable

2. Cell Booster

3. Inside Antenna

Yagi antennas are directional. They pull signal in only one direction and are good for rural remote areas when you know the location of your carriers tower.

Omni Directional antennas pull signal from every direction. They work well when you’re in a location with multiple same-carrier towers or you have multiple people with different carriers.

The cellular frequency bands are different than frequencies used for Wi-Fi.

Mobile Cell Booster FAQ

Yes, a SureCall cell phone signal booster work with all mobile phones that use any variation of 3G, 4G or 5G service.

In Building Cell Booster FAQ

The outside directional antenna needs to point to the nearest cellular tower of your provider. If you don't know this information, please contact us for help.

With most cases, you can install a cellular booster yourself. The mobile systems and the building systems are designed for easy installation. The most difficult part of system installation is running the cable from antennas to the amplifer.

We sure can! E-mail us at and help us out by providing answers to the following questions.

1. What is the Lat/Long of your location (right-click on Google maps above your dwelling)

2. What is the square footage of your dwelling?

3. What phone providers do you use? (more than one may require multiple boosters)

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