Decoding The Lights On Your SureCall Flare
Watch the video to learn how to troubleshoot, and read the lights on your flare cellphone signal booster, the BEST performing cell signal booster optimized for rural Canada.

3 lights on the front of your SureCall Flare

  • Power light: If the light is not turned on, you need to ensure that the booster is plugged-in
  • Two indicator lights: which tell you how the booster is functioning


Left indicator light

This tells you if the booster is utilizing the built-in automatic gain control (AGC) that adjusts the booster’s output power or gain based on the cellular environment.

IF FLASHING YELLOW, this means the booster is working properly, but is self-adjusting for optimal performance. For many smaller cabins, this result is considered ‘normal operation’.

IF FLASHING RED, this means that the incoming signal is too strong, causing the booster to shut down. FIX this issue by relocating the outside antenna to a location with weaker signal. If using a yagi antenna/directional antenna, simply aim the antenna away from the tower until the red flashing stops.

IF SOLID YELLOW, don’t be concerned, as this indicates all systems are working optimally

Right indicator light

This deals with separation between the flare and the outside antenna.

IF FLASHING YELLOW, this means signal boosting is working at reduced power levels. If you’re satisfied with the connection, it is ok to leave the booster in this state. To increase the coverage area, move the outside antenna or flare booster further apart from one another. This will improve the booster’s performance.

IF FLASHING RED & YELLOW, this means the booster is experiencing oscillation (feedback) leading it to shut down. In this state, it is not boosting your signal. FIX this issue by moving the outside booster and antenna further apart from one another, followed by resetting the booster. RESET the booster by unplugging it from power and plugging it back in. If this state continues, REPEAT this process until you are no longer seeing red lights.


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